Why I travel and you should too

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Many of us love traveling and we all have our own reasons for doing so. I have moved frequently and traveled to more than 15 countries in my life, so I feel like I have seen quite a bit of the world (although there is always more to explore). People always ask me why I embark on some of my crazy adventures, some of which I have shared with you on here before. So here are some of the reasons I do this amazing thing called Traveling.

Monks in laos during my travels

Learning about other cultures

During my life I have moved 8 times so far and many more to come. I have meet people from all over the world and got to know a little about their culture. Most of these are just glimpses into a different world that I could only imagine. This is something traveling can clear up a little. By actually spending time in a different country and learning from the locals, I can try and really understand the culture of the locals. For example, during my time in China, I have spent a weekend at the house of my Chinese roommate. This showed me what the real life of the locals is actually like. We ate the local food that her mother prepared and went along with their daily activities. Since only my roommate spoke English, I was constantly asked questions in Mandarin or just given food at random times during the day, since I must be hungry. This experience made me appreciate Chinese culture in a way I could have not otherwise.

Even if you are just on vacation and do not know anyone, you can have these experiences. Many cities have programs that will let you get involved in the local community, such as the Big Brother Mouse program in Luang Prabang, Laos. They go daily English exchanges every day with local children. So you spend about one hour talking to the locals in English, so they can practice and you get to ask questions about their culture, traditions, or anything else you want to. If this is not your thing, you can just ask people. Ask someone at the temple you are visiting to tell you a little more about it, or ask the waiter at the restaurant about their typical food. You have no idea how much people love to talk and tell stories, so just try your luck and ask. You will learn so much more.

Discover new ways of doing things

Yes, in this globalized world one big city looks just like the next, but still, there are differences. We may buy our clothes at the same stores, and eat the same fast food chains, but in many things, we differ. We have different values and ambitions, which affect how we do certain things. We see some things as more important than others, which will affect our choices. Each culture has a different approach to something very similar. I love learning new things or new approaches to the same thing. When traveling, you can interact with so many interesting people and their way of doing things.

One of these things can, for example, be for example the technical innovation. I saw much of this in China. For many things that we in Europe do manually, they have experienced technology for. One of my favorite discoveries was WeChat. This is an app that will let you do anything in life. You can chat, pay, send money, book services, order food, and much more you cannot even imagine. This is a great innovation that we will still need some time to implement.

To see this beautiful planet

There has so much beauty in this world. Nature looks a little bit different in every place and can fascinate you at every corner. I have had the chance to see gorgeous snow mountains, beautiful rivers and oceans, amazing deserts, and recently jungles. Our planet has so much to offer that many of us never seen. When traveling, I always try to see some of the local nature, like take a hike or at least drive through the nature.

Sometimes I travel just for nature, such as day trips to waterfalls and lakes. In Croatia, for example, you have to see the natural parks Plitvica or Krka (depending which is closer to the city you are staying in). They are so gorgeous and UNESCO world heritage sights. Definitely worth a trip if you are already nearby

Friends made during travel

Meet new people

I am a people person. Meeting new people and making new friends is one of my favorite activities. I love talking to people at hostels, in restaurants, in shops, and anywhere else. This is one of my favorite things about traveling. It gives you a chance to meet and talk to people and make friends all around the world.

While I was working on the cruise, by the end of my contract I knew almost the whole crew because I would just stop and talk to people in the crew bar. You learn so many new things talking to people who are from different social circles than you are. Do not just limit yourself to people who are like you. Talk to people who have a different age, nationality, social class, gender. It will widen your horizon and make you understand situations better.

Those are my reasons for traveling as much as possible. Hopefully, these reasons will inspire you to take another trip and venture out into the world. I would love to hear about your reasons for traveling in the comments below or on social media.



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