The beautiful sights of Milan

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So let's talk about one of the most popular cities in Italy. Milan is on almost everyone's bucket list. Walk around the old town, climb the Duomo, and of course shopping is on everybody's mind. In this post, you will learn all about my weekend getaway to Milan. I spent a total of three days there and it was perfectly enough to see everything on this list.

Basic information

Milan is located in the north of Italy and is easy to reach from most of Europe. There are two or even three airports nearby that you can fly to. Milan also has a big train station with trains running within Italy, but also internationally to the neighboring countries. If you prefer, you can also arrive by bus which there is also a number of.

Now let's talk about once you have arrived. The easiest way to get around the city is the Metro. The trains are very efficient and reach almost all the city. I took it a lot during my time here, because it is easy to navigate and gets you everywhere. If you are here for the weekend, you can get a ticket for 48 hours which will cost you about 8.50€.

I guess, since we are in Italy, talking about the food is not needed. You will find all the things you love in this amazing cuisine. Be sure to check the prices before sitting down though, since in the center some restaurants really hike them up. Also, in case this is your first trip to Italy, know that they charge a cover charge (coperto), so just expect to pay about 3€ per person the moment you sit down, even if you don't end up ordering anything.


El Duomo

This is probably the most famous sight in Milano. When you are here, you have to visit it. You can get different packages in advance or at the store in the day. You can get a package including the church and the visit to the roof for 13€ if you walk up, and 17€ if you want to take the lift. I suggest you walk up since it will give you a more satisfied experience once you reach the top. If you are Italian, you can reserve your ticket online beforehand. I tried to do this as a foreigner and it would not let me move on since I did not have an Italian social security number. This might change at one point, but I was not able to completely my purchase. Do not worry though. You can also get tickets at the office as long as you get there when they open. The office opens at the same time as the Duomo and one hour before the platform. I went there Monday at 8 am, bought my tickets, visited the church, and went to the platform as soon as it opened. This is enough time to see it all, and you avoid the crowds that come later both in the office and visiting the sight.

el duomo in milan

The old town

There is a charming old town around the Duomo worth walking around a bit. These are many shopping streets where you can find anything from H&M to Gucci and Chanel. If this something you are looking for, feel free to go wild. The streets also have some nice architecture and sometimes fountains. Do visit the high fashion street since some of the houses are gorgeously decorated. I spent much time just wandering around here. You just start walking in a direction and once you do not like where you are, you turn and go somewhere else. You can also do this to get to the next destination

the creepy church in Milan

San Bernardino alle Ossa

This is one of the many creepy places in Milan. They have a crypt where the walls are filled with human skulls. It looks os fake first, then when you walk closer you realize that they truly are skulls. The church itself is very unspectacular so you do not need to spend a lot of time here. I suggest you come quite early to be able to enjoy the crypt on your own, since it is very small.

Once you get there, you will think you are in the wrong place. The crypt is to the right once you passed the entrance. You are supposed to donate some money in the box nearby and then you can go inside. Since it is very small, I suggest you go in, walk around, maybe spend some time to let it sink in, and then leave.

Arc of Peace

This is one of the least know monuments in Milan. You can visit the gorgeous castle close by, walk through the park, and then you will reach the Arc. It is one of the most typical monuments around the world, similar to the one in Paris or Vientiane. I really liked this sight, because of it's impressive size. You can also take a seat close by and enjoy the people coming and going. From here, I suggest you also keep walking through China town to the next place to visit.

the arc of peace in milan

Cimitero Monumentale

Another creepy place you should visit while in Milan. Cimitero Monumentale is one of the biggest cemeteries in Milan. What is special about this cemetery is the abundance of statues on the graves as well as mausoleums. Almost every grave has some kind of statue. This could be very beautiful, but since they are not too well maintained and slowly falling apart they turn creepy. I liked seeing them, but it might not be a place you want to go alone or after dark.



This is a place in Milan I just recently learned about. In the south of the city, there are two or three canals and along these is a popular hangout place. The locals come here for apero. Apero is a drink with some small bites of food that is served between 5 and 10 pm. Normally you can get a drink and small snacks for about 10€. A great plan with friends and a great way to catch up with ones you might now have seen in a while. My suggestion is not to just pick the first place that offers it. Check out a couple and then pick a few. I found one that had all homemade snacks which turned out to be delicious. Also plan for this to be dinner, since you will not be able to eat anymore after this, especially if you pick one with a buffet.


These are the sights I decided to visit while in Milan. Hope these give you a good idea where to start planning your trip. If you have any other favorite steps, feel free to share them with me in the comments below or on social media. Enjoy your visit.



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  1. Milan is amazing! I went there by train from France a couple of years ago. Wish to go back one day 🙂 Great tips you have! Those Navigli canals (and of course, apero) sound so great.

    1. It a good place to spend a weekend, although I’m not as in love with the city as many others are. Happy you enjoyed your time there.

  2. Some beautiful photos! Ive only ever been to milan on a flying visit but maybe I’ll get chance to visit again for traverse blog conference next year. 🙂

    1. Milan is a great city to come for a conference or something and enjoy it on the side. I’m sure you’d like it if you get the chance to visit.

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