Long weekend in Tangier, Morocco

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While living in Spain, I once decided to take an impromptu trip to Tangier, Morocco. I knew nothing about it, just that I could get there by ferry and do not need a Visa. So I took a bus down to Algeciras and the ferry across the sea. Here you will find all the things I did and the travel and accommodation.


If you live in the south of Spain, there are many ferries over to Tangier or other North African port. The most popular ones are probably Algeciras or Gibraltar. The prices are completely acceptable. I paid around 40€ for my ticket return. The ride normally takes around one hour and a half, although that can change depending on the weather conditions. I was unlucky and encountered a storm; therefore it took us three hours to get there. Unfortunately it was already dark, so I started panicking a little. Thank god a travel group helped me and I took a taxi into town with some passengers from the next ferry.

accomodation in Tangier Morocco


I stayed in one of the few hostels they had in town. I was super happy with it. They served breakfast with some nice break and Arabic pancakes along with either coffee or moroccan tea. Make sure to try that tea because it is some of the best you will ever have if you like sweet tea. They are also located in the medina, so while it may be a little difficult to get there when you arrive, it is great for exploring the city. The hostel also has an open roof for the guests to enjoy and a small lounge on the ground floor. The guy at the reception is very nice and helpful, although you might not want to trust him with organizing everything because sometimes the prices he quotes are too high.

Exploring the city

door in tangier morocco

I loved the medina of Tangier. It may not be the most spectacular in Morocco, but it is one of the first I’ve seen. There were many colourful doors, houses, and streets. You can get lost in it during the day and find many cute spots you would otherwise miss.

There is a fortress on the top of the hill from where you have a gorgeous view over the city. If it is nice weather you can also see Gibraltar from here. This is one of the oldest structures in Tangier, so it is worth a look. There is also a cafe up hang out in for a bit before you walk down.

If you keep walking down you will reach the ocean. You can walk along the pier and enjoy the water. I would not suggest you to swim there, but for a walk in the afternoon it can be beautiful. They also have a few restuarants around there with local cuisine. I suggest you try tagine, a potato dish with meat or vegetable and sauce. It is prepared in a clay pot and cooked for hours. Such a delicious dish.

spice market tangier morocco

Another great thing you can see in Tangier are the markets. You can find everything you want in the medina, but there are dedicated markets. There you can find fruits, vegatables, meat, fish, and any other food items. They also have a dedicated spice market which are so gorgeous. You can find anything you are looking for and in huge quantities.

One advice I have it to avoid going out alone after sunset, especially as a woman. It is not necessarely dangeroud, but I just did not feel comfortable. If you are a couple of girls, everything is good again. It is just that alone you are vounearble to anything from catcalling to worse things.

Daytrips from Tangier

Cave of Hercules

One of the most popular sights close to Tangier, Morocco, is the Cave of Hercules. It is a great natural sight with gorgeous cave structure and of course the famous "The Map of Africa". It is a whole in the cave towards the ocean in the shape of Africa. Definitely a special sight and a great photo oportunity. Also around there is a cafe and many photogenic spots overlooking the open ocean.

Caves of Hercules tangier morocco
Ceuta close to tangier morocco
Ceuta, Spain

It is a little known fact that Spain has two overseas cities in Africa that still belong to Spain. You can pay in Euros, everybody speaks Spanish and the architecture is districtly Euroean. It is an interesting experience to visit.

To get there, you have to take a taxi to the closest town, Bab Sebta, and then walk to the border. You can than catch a taxi on the other side of the border to take you into the city. You will have to cross the border to get to Ceuta, so if you need a sengen visa you will need it to get to Ceuta.

Note that when you are trying to cross the border, people will try and see you exit forms. Do not buy these. The country does require exit forms, but, since they are mandatory, the government is required to provide them to you. Therefore once your reach the gate you will find these forms and can fill them out there.

I loved spending a day in Ceuta. It is the perfect escape of Africa and have some of the organization of Europe. You will be able to eat tapas, drink sangria, and enjoy all the things you are used to in Europe. The people here are also super friendly since they only get a few visitors.

I had a great time during my three days in Morocco and enjoyed seeing something I am not familair with. Hope my itinerary helps you plan your trip and get the most out of your time in Tangier.

As always I would love to hear your stories about Tangier and any tips you might have here or on social media.



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