How to travel while being a full time student?

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You might be young and in college and dreaming about all the places you want to go. I have been that way for a while and wanted to explore all the cities around me. I visited so many places while being in university and wanted to share with you how you could do it too. Here is a guide on how to travel while being a full time student.

Travel on the weekend

This one is obvious since this is the time you have available. You can leave Friday evening and come back Sunday evening. If you have a nice schedule, you might even be able to stretch that until Monday morning. If you are planning to fly, make sure you book a little early, since these flights are popular. My suggestion is to stay close since you only have two days and do not want to waste all of your time traveling.

Plan out your schoolwork for during the week

Since you will be enjoying a new city every weekend, you have to get your schoolwork in during the week. I suggest you have a tight schedule and decide exactly when you will do everything and keep it the same every week. So if you study for HR on a Thursday morning, keep it that way every week so it will become a routine. This will make cramming a lot of work into a short period. Also get up in the morning and do work even if you don’t have classes to use all the time you have.

Schedule group work during the week

Now groupwork is the most annoying thing when it comes to traveling while in college. This is something you cannot do whenever you want, but have to schedule time with other people. In my university, it is not a big deal to plan this for during the weekdays, since almost everyone goes home during the weekend. You might get lucky because people do not want to do much over the weekend, so doing group work during the week might be simpler than initially thought. And everyone in the group will be happy if it is done.

Know the dates of all your exams and projects

This is important to decide which weekends you can and cannot travel. Find out your exam dates as soon as possible to be able to plan. The weekend before a huge trip, stay home and study. On weekends where there is nothing important going on, enjoy the world. There is too much to see to waste every weekend just sitting in college. If you really want to travel on the weekend of an exam, take all your things with you so you can still get some work done or be really on top of your things.

Take your computer with you to work on the way

You are probably already taking your computer with you to edit all your pictures and write. Before you leave just download all the content, you wi,ll need to read or study during the weekend, and then you can do that on the plane or train. I used to do all my work on the train from my university to the airport and normally by the time I got there, I was done and could enjoy my weekend without any school stress.

Hope these five easy and straightforward tips will help you stop being envious and find out how to travel while being a full time student. They have worked for me, so I wish you luck implementing them. If you need a guide on how to save money for traveling, that is coming soon, so be on the look out.

As always, if you have any other tips or ideas, feel free to share them with me in the comments below or on social media.



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