Great Travel Instagram post ideas that have worked for me

Dear Reader,

If you are anything like me, you have been sucked into the dream world of Instagram. I love scrolling through all the pictures of amazing travel influencers and planning all my trips in my mind. Now, we all love looking at pictures of others, but we also like people looking at ours. Now I do not have a huge following, but my engagement is over 15%. Here are some Instagram post ideas that have worked well for me and which might work for you.

Photos with you in it

Pictures on Instagram tend to do better when you are in them. Since I travel alone, this has been hard, but after I got my tripod I tried to put myself in every shot possible. I loved playing around with this cool function on my camera and the pictures turned out great. Here are some of the best-performing ones.

Cute Instagramable Streets

You do not have to go to fancy locations for this. Go to the downtown area of your city and look around for Instagram post ideas that would work. If the street is empty great, if not we will still make it work. The smaller and narrower the street the better.

Important sights people know

If you are traveling make sure to take pictures in front of the main sights or take fancy pictures of them. Yes, it is overdone, but many people still love those pictures and want to be able to dream about those places through your account. These are pictures that for me always do very well.

Pictures involving water

Every time we see pictures with open water, we start to dream. I loved looking out at the open sea while working on board and that fascination never goes away. People love to think about why they would be there and how they would enjoy that.


People love beautiful sunsets. My sunset pictures are some of the most popular ones, especially when they involve water. So head out to a nearby lake, to a mountain, or just your balcony and snap some pictures for Instagram. This is one of the overdone Instagram post ideas, but it totally works.

If you are still not convinced that this really works, here is one of my best-performing pictures so far, which combines so many of these all together.

As a final note let me add that just great pictures will not get you anywhere. You need good captions, geotags, consistent posting, and most importantly engage with your followers. You will not keep your audience if they do not feel like they know you.

These are tips that have worked for me and I hope they will work for you two.



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