Best travel bloggers you should be following

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I am writing this post for two reasons. One, to share with you some amazing writers who love to travel and give you great advice about the thing they love. Seconds, to give back the love I have received from the blogging community in the last six months.  So without any further due let me tell you about some of my favorite travel bloggers out there.

Diary of a Spanglish girl

If you are looking for any information about Spain (especially the North), this is the blog you should be reading. You get a variety of information from city guides, to weather, to free Spanish lessons. I like seeing the notification in my email about a new post it really makes you want to visit the North of Spain. Enjoy it here.

Where Charlie wanders

The untimely creator of Wanterlust. I love reading her new posts and letting myself being taken to a new destination. Also she is very active on social media which is a great place to follow her travels if you are too impatient to wait for a new blog post. Read all about it here.

Mexico Cassie

If you need any information about Mexico, Cassie will probably have it. Her blog is especially great if you are looking for information regarding children. You can find anything from general guides for areas, to stories, and specific things to do with kids. It is a great blog to inspire you to travel to this amazing country. Check out her blog here.

A Travelling Jack

If you are looking for a well established blog, this is the one for you. Focusing mainly on Europe, you can find some very detailed content that will for sure help you with your trip. Find anything here from France to Hungary and more. Food guides, city itineraries, and much more. Definitely one worth being subscribed to. Check out the blog here.

Sagittarius Travels

This blog is a bit more on the story telling side of travel blogs, so if that’s what you’re looking for you have found the one. I love reading the day by day travel itineraries as well as the stories from on the road. A great one to check out if you want stories on a trip you are planning to take. Check out the blog here.

There you have some of the travel bloggers you should be following. Of course, this list is very short and doesn’t cover everyone, so feel free to add your own favorite in the comments below. I always love to discover new blogs to follow.

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