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I suggest you do not read this post hungry, because the descriptions here might make you want to eat your computer. In this post, I will tell you the ten best places to go out to eat in Cuernavaca. I have decided to include any of the food places I like regardless of how small, or what kind of food they are serving.

A general note about Mexican food. All the dishes you will find here has a lot of savor (Spanish for flavor). While it may be spicy, mostly it is the sauce which is optional and is added by you, so you can make it as spicy as you want it. I do suggest you adventure into the sauces and try them once in a while because they do enhance the flavor of the meal you are eating.

Okay, now that we have that out of the way, we can get into the fun stuff and talk about all the fantastic food and restaurants you cannot miss in the beautiful Cuernavaca.

Frontyard at Casa Rivera, Cuernavaca

Casa Rivera

Want to eat in a place that transports you back to the 1950s, the golden years of Cuernavaca? If yes, you have come to the right place. Case Rivera offers excellent food and a cute terrace to spend time on, even if you just come for a drink. While enjoying the atmosphere, you can marvel at the collection of artifacts from this era. The house used to belong to a famous comedian named Cantinfals. He commissioned Diego Rivera to make the mosaic in the pool during his time there. Now the restaurant is named in his honor since the rest of the house is modeled after the pool.

Las Casas B+B

If you are looking for a breakfast spot, this is the place to be. Located in the center of the city, it is a great meeting point with your friends or significant other to start your day off right. The tables are located in the courtyard, shielded from all the noise of the city around a gorgeous pool. The decor is held all in white, making it look very dreamy and romantic. Check out their Instagram profile for pictures.

If you are looking for a meal suggestion, you should try the house specials: the hotcakes (this is what they call pancakes in Mexico) or the french bread. Both are very delicious, served with some fruit and maple syrup. Also, their fruit juices and coffees are fabulous and recommendable.


This is a great place to come with family. They always have the typical design with tiles and colors and gives the Mexican food you could see in any family's kitchen. You can find them in almost all cities, and most people will know them. Sanborns also has some unique touches, such as their plates, which are the same in all the outlets. The print on the china depicts the tragic love story of two young people from China. Make sure to read or ask about it. They have a video telling you the story, which you can watch here (unfortunately at the moment only in Spanish). We found it quite interesting, and it gives more of a meaning to their choice of china.

Best places to eat Cuernavaca

La Hamburguesita

If you are looking for a place to try Mexican fast food, La Hamburgesita is the place to be. This cute little place located in Buena Vista, in the north of Cuernavaca, is one of the best places to eat tortas, quesadillas, or tacos. It is run by a fantastic family, one of whom you can typically find behind the check register, who make the place feel very familiar and cozy. Tip: if your Spanish is not fluent and you see one of the young guys there, feel free to speak English. They both speak it very well and will help you with what you need.

La Hamburgesita is also a great place to try tacos, which you cannot miss while traveling in Mexico. My personal favorites are Tacos de Pastor, which are like the Mexican kebab and literally the best thing in the world. They usually are eaten on Friday, when you will find almost all taco place are serving them. Check out their Facebook page to see the whole menu.



Azulengo is one of the best places to come for seafood. Everything is prepared on the spot from fresh ingredients and seasoning. The waiters are very attentive and friendly. I had their seafood taco, and it was delicious. One of the best things you can try is called ceviches, which are four shot glasses filled with different choped ingredients. Therefore instead of just trying one, you get the chance to try them all at the same time. This restaurant also has a great atmosphere and even turns into a bar in the night. So you can come here for lunch with your family but also come here for a drink with your friends.

Las Colorines, Cuernavaca, Mexico

Las Colorines

Las Colorines is a chain emulating traditional Mexican cuisine. It is the most Mexican restaurant I have been to with all its colors, the women cooking, and the servers wearing traditional embroidery. The atmosphere created by these elements is very familiar and, therefore, ideal to go to with family or a group of friends.

Regarding food, you can find everything your heart desires here, and it will be cooked the traditional way. The whole restaurant has an open concept; therefore, you can see from the entrance to the kitchen. Feel free to stand up from your table and watch the ladies in the kitchen preparing your meal. It is a great place to go when you first arrive to get a real feel for the country.

Don Pollo

Don Pollo is the best place to come to eat chicken, especially grilled. I was first amazed to have received tortillas along with our chicken and rice. Turns out here in Mexico, and in this restaurant specifically, you are supposed to make a little taco out of the chicken and the side dishes. It is very delicious and works well, it just surprised me since they served it the same way we would here in Europe, but expected you to eat it differently. Besides the food, I also love the atmosphere at this restaurant. They have a very casual feel where you can go for lunch or dinner, and you will always find people. Families come here with children, but you will also see couples or older people, and they are all welcome.

Day of the Dead, Cuernavaca


Now let us talk about something fun. Tepoznieves is the most popular ice cream chain in the region. Originally from Tepoztlan, the company has been succeeding with its tremendous and innovative ice cream flavors as well as the design and decoration of their stores, which reflect the Mexican Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead). This is the place to come if you want to try ice cream flavors such as tequila, red wine, or mamey. They are delicious and some of the local favorites along with the more typical ones such as chocolate, different fruits, and tres leches.

Make sure to go to the flag store if you are in Tepoztlan because they have a display of the traditional figures and pictures you usually only see during the Day of the Dead. It is a great way to get an insight into this tradition even if you are not there on the 2nd of November.


This is not a specific story, but a dish you cannot miss. It corned roasted with butter and then served with cheese, mayonnaise, chilly, and sometimes in combination with Doritos. The best ones you will find right in front of the palace close to the main square. This is also a good option if you do not like spicy since they make them how you want them. Definitely worth trying while you are here. For the locals here, it is something they have eaten since they were small and connected to nostalgia.


Everywhere around the city, you will find stands that sell freshly made juices. These are amazing, and you should take advantage of them. You can get almost any combination of fruits you would like, and the juices cost almost nothing. You will find them all around the center and in all the food markets. One flavor that is very typical here is oat, and you can add it to almost any fruit or drink it on its own. It tastes excellent and fills you up if that is what you are looking for.

If you are not hungry by now, you are doing something wrong. I hope these restaurants gave you some inspiration to go and get some authentic Mexican food. If you are looking for more things to do in the beautiful city of Cuernavaca, you can check out my city guide here. As always, I would love to hear your opinions and further suggestions either in the comments below or on social media.



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  1. Casa Rivera is my favorite restaurant in Cuernavaca. Even have a copy of the catrina in the long blue dress in my breakfast room. BEST cinnamon rolls I have ever had, and the Ribeye Chicharones is off the charts.

    1. Sounds amazing!! We unfortunately only got to have a drink here since it was the middle of the afternoon, but it’s great to have some recommendations for the food.

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