Best Mexico Packing Guide for the Rainy Season

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If you follow my Instagram, you will know that I spend three weeks in Mexico in the State of Morelos. This was in August, which is the rainy season in this region of Mexico. I was lucky enough to be told more or less what to pack and wanted to share it with you, to take away one of your worries.

General Information

Morelos is a state only one hour away from Mexico City. This state is one of the most diverse in all of Mexico, especially regarding nature and weather. You can find anything from jungle to dessert. This is all important to consider while packing. Many destinations can be reached within two hours drive and make great day or weekend trips, such as Tepoztlan, Taxco, or Las Estacas.

Morelos, especially Cuernacavaca, has a dry season and a rainy period. Most of the year it is between 15 and 35 degrees and beautiful sunny weather. From July to September they are experiencing the rainy period. During this time it is gorgeous weather during the day with 20 to 27 degrees, and it starts pouring in the evening around 8 to 10 pm. It is the most perfect weather since during the day you can enjoy, and during the evening it cools down and allows you to sleep peacefully.

Now that you know what the weather and nature are like, we can get into what to pack.

Pack for summer

The gorgeous weather in taxco

Most days it will be sunny and around 25 degrees during the day, even warmer if you are further south in the state. Here are some specific items you might think of bringing.

Thin long pants

I wore these a lot in towns and cities a little off the beaten path. It made me feel more comfortable instead of putting all my white skin on display. Not that they would judge or anything would happen, but they would still stare since they were not used to it. Thin long pants also protect you from bugs and mosquitos which there are a lot of during this time in Morelos.

Summer dresses

I loved wearing these during my stay. They are comfortable, cute and perfect for a stroll in the city. You can dress them up or down depending on what you’re doing that day. You can use them to walk around in the old town, go to lunch at one of the cute restaurants and enjoy a drink in one of the atmospheric bars.


You will be going to the water a lot. Whether the pool of a friend, a natural place like Las Estacas, or one of the many “beach clubs” along Tequescitengo, you will need flipflops to walk around easily. Also, they are great if you are traveling around and staying in hostels. You can use them to walk around the hostel in the evening.

Pack for fall

Rainly weather in Tepoztlan

In the evening it can be colder, therefore you should also pack for this. I did use my cardigans and sweaters.

Thicker Sweater

During the night the temperature can drop down to around 17 degrees due to the rain. If you want to sit on a terrace or under some roof outside you will need warm clothes. I was very happy about my cardigan and sometimes had to borrow a warmer sweater if it got late.

Waterproof shoes

As said we are doing rainy, therefore this one should be obvious. Generally, during the day, it is not wet, but nature will be muddy and saturated with water. So if you are planning on hiking or walking through nature, make sure you have proper shoes that can withstand this.

Warmer pajamas

Since it is cold in the evening and to cool down the house, you might leave the windows open. You will sleep very well, as long as you are prepared for the temperature.

General objects


If you travel around Morelos during this period, you might face blackouts during the evening. Since the electricity is coming over the mountain from Mexico city, these lines might be affected by the storm in the hills. So blackouts are nothing to worry about but be prepared by bringing a flashlight or have your phone charged.


If you are staying with a friend or family members make sure to bring some kind of gifts. One, it will make you a good guest. Two, they will be happy that you thought about it. This will start your relationship of well. Also, if you bring gifts it will free up space in your luggage to take gifts back home.

Hope this short Mexico packing guide was helpful and helped you cut down the weight of your luggage. Feel free to share your tips and suggestions in the comments below or on social media.



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