City Guide: Cagliari

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So while I was on board the MSC Splendida, we stopped in Cagliari, Sardinia, every Tuesday for four months. It was one of the ports where we had time to go out almost every week, so I like to say we have seen a fair amount of the city. Here is the perfect way to enjoy your one day in this port.

Basic information

First, let’s look at the logistics of this port. In this port, there will be a continuous shuttle bus from the ship to the exit of the port. The port is located about 5 minutes walk from the old town, so there is no need to get a taxi. The beach (Poetto beach) is a bit further away from the city, but there are busses located at the exit of the port that will take you there, or you can try and take a public bus, which also stops right there on the main road.

Okay, so now let’s get into the plan for the day.

Old Town

Church in Cagliari

I suggest you walk around the old town in the morning. Cross the road once you get off the bus and take one of the small allies until you reach the platform. It gives you a beautiful view of Cagliari. Great opportunity to take some pictures. From here it is only a short walk to the most famous church in the city, the Cathedral di Santa Maria e Santa Cecilia. It is a beautiful baroque church with a fascinating history. It has been destroyed and rebuilt a couple of times. And today it stands restored in its old place. I suggest that you now make your way to the left away from the church and find the promenade around one part of the old town. It will give you a breathtaking view of another part of Cagliari. If you like, you can stop in the small cafe for coffee, be warned though that it is quite expensive. Take the road back to the main square, and you will pass the elephant gate, with a small statue of an elephant. From here you can make your way to the center.


Now let’s talk about lunch. If you have reached the main square of the city, you will find many many small cafes and restaurants to choose from for lunch. Our favorite was the Cafe Yefe which serves terrific salads and pizzas for a reasonable price. The portions are enormous, so you are sure to be full. You will also be able to enjoy people watching on the square, where there is always something going on. Once you have finished your meal, you can head for a coffee or a drink to Cafeteria Tiffany, which will give you free popcorn, panini, and nuts if you order an alcoholic beverage.

Food at Cafe Yefe
Lunch at Cafe Yefe

Beach time

So you have the whole afternoon in front of you. If you are here with a cruise, you probably have an all on board around 4 or 5 pm, so plenty of time to head to the beach. The most beautiful beach in the region is called Poetto. If you want to do it the easy way, you can take one of the tour buses at the port. Or if you feel adventurous take the public bus. On the beach, you can rent umbrellas and chairs, but you can also just lay down your towel in the sand if you want to. It is up to you at that point. They have a few bars along the beach where you can sit if you prefer that. Overall it should be a very relaxing afternoon.

So there you have it. The way to make the most out of your day in the small charming city of Cagliari. I miss that place a lot, because of it’s welcoming atmosphere.

If you end up going, make sure to share your experience with me.



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