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Many of us love traveling and we all have things we always take with us when we travel. In this post, I will tell you all about the mine. These are essentials for packing, traveling, and other things that just live in my suitcase. Hopefully, this post will help you collect your list of essentials and make your travel easier.


Packing Cubes

I just discovered these recently and really love them now. If you have read my carry-on packing guide, you have heard me rave about them. They can save you packing space in any luggage. They can also help you organize your things. You can pack all your shirts in one, all your pants in the other, and so on. In the end, you have a very organized luggage where everything is easy to find. If you have never tried them, give it a chance and buy one. I have not regretted my purchase.

Squeeable travel amenities

I just got there a few weeks ago and started playing around with them. I love that they have sucking nobs at the side so you can stick them on the wall in the bathroom. This is a great thing if you are staying in hostels where you might not have a place to put your toiletries. They are also under 100ml, which is the allowed amount for in-cabin liquids. They also have leak free caps, which saves you from many spilling accidents. I really like them so far and they are a great price (only 20 Euros per package of two).

Laundry bags

You can either back a laundry bag or use a compartment in your luggage. Whichever option you go by, it will help you separate your laundry for the clean clothing. This is especially helpful if you are on a longer trip. A laundry bag also helps you pack at the end of your trip and just make it easier once you get back.

Portable luggage scale

I love this scale. These days airlines are very strict about their weight restrictions and will make you pay huge fees for the extra weight. This scale stops you from searching your whole hotel room for a scale that you probably won't find and then just hope that it is not overweight. I have used mine for about a year and loved it. It is also doesn't take up a lot of space and easy to pack. This small object will give you a lot of peace of mind for a little money.


Big fluffy scarf

I always have a scarf with me regardless of the destination. My scarfs have saved me from freezing on airplanes, feeling uncomfortable in churches or mosques, and many other reasons. It fits in your bag almost all the time and adds no weight. Having traveled a lot and not always wanting to take a jacket with me, this is a great alternative


This one you might laugh at, but it is true. I almost always carry an umbrella around with me in my bag. It is a small blue one from China that weights almost nothing and is even UV protected. Since I had it, I have used it for rain and sun alike, depending on the location. Since in Asia it is not weird to use an umbrella to protect your skin from the sun, I was not stared at or anything. I still do this in Europe, when the UV rays in the summer are very strong. If you have a small one that fits in your handbag, just throw it in. You will use it more than you think.

Travel first aid kit

It is a very good idea to pack a small first aid kit. You will not have to worry about where to find medication in the foreign country you are visiting. Since this can sometimes be very difficult, especially in countries of Southeast Asia or Africa, it is good to have your own. With this tip make sure you check the regulations, since some countries do not allow certain medication. So far I have not had any issues, but I would still check, just in case.

Power bank

This is a simple one that most of you are probably already doing. Most people already own one. If you do not, you can get a very cheap one in stores selling electronics or stores in China Town selling many different things. These are especially useful if you have your boarding card or train ticket or something on your phone. I had that happen to me, where I had to stop using my phone at the airport to have enough battery to scan my ticket to get on the plane. Since then I make sure I have a power bank with me on most of my trips.

Those are my travel essentials. They come with me on almost all my trip and I love them. Hopefully, they will make your trips easier as they do mine. If you are looking for a more in-depth packing guide for carry-ons you can check that out here. As always, if you have any more tips feel free to leave them in the comments below or share them with me on social media.



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