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We have all done it. Scrolled through Instagram and admired all the places people have been or are currently at. We all dream about the places we want to go and explore. Here is my list of things I would like to do at one point in my life, in this part specifically about Europe.

Visit Madrid

I have been here only one night on a layover, and I want to see more of the city. It has so much history and culture to offer us with its many museums and heritage sights. I have heard so many people ave about this city, that I just want to experience it for myself.

Road trip in Iceland

I have seen more pictures, videos, and blog posts recently about Iceland than anything else. People seem to be going there in flocks to see this interesting country. This has of course woken my curiosity and I started looking into it. What I found amazed me so much, that now I just want to go there myself and see the beautiful nature, the blue lagune, and the northern lights myself.

Experience a night out in Berlin

Berlin is known as the cultural capital of Germany, and much of Europe. It is the main place of development in terms of art, music, and theater outside of London. Going out in Berlin is like being emersed in many cultures at the same time and you can always find something you really like.

Visit La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona

While I have been to Barcelona last year, I did not get the chance to see La Sagrada Familia from the inside, due to tickets being sold out. Therefore, this is definitely on my list the next time I visit hopefully soon. It is a city I really love and enjoyed my time there, so I am not at all against going back.

Island hop in Greece

Another destination I have seen so many pictures of and heard so much about. All my cruise ship friends say Greece is one of their favorite ports. I did get the chance to visit the adorable city of Heraklion during our crossing, but it just made me want to see more and visit all the other gorgeous islands such as Mykonos and Santorini.

Visit as many musicals as possible in the London theater district

Being a huge Musical nerd, this has been on my bucket list for probably longer than anything else. After having seen Wicked the last time I was there, I just want to go back and enjoy all my other favorite musicals with this amazing atmosphere. Some of my must-sees are definitely Phantom of the Opera (which I have seen on Broadway), Mis Saigon (which they, unfortunately, stopped playing), Hamilton, The Lion King, and of course The Book of Mormon.

Take a road trip from Santiago de Compostela to Andalucia

While living in Andalucia, I learned more about the places worth visiting in the region and one that stood out to me was Santiago de Compostela. Its religious significants attracts thousands of tourists each year. Driving from there through Portugal and visiting all the major cities and sights was my plan for the Easter Break that, in the end, I dropped to go visit my family. Since then I am looking for a way to do this trip.

Visit Istanbul, Turkey

I have always been fascinated by the city of Istambul, which is such a mix between East and West. You can visit some of the most spectacular mosques and but also churches and western buildings. I wanted to go for the longest of time, but somehow so far I have only made it to the airport. This will definitely be one of my next longer trips since a weekend just isn't enough to fully explore it.

There you have it. These are all the things I hope to see in the next couple of yours in Europe. I would love to hear about your suggestions and things on your list. Share them with me in the comments below or on social media.



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