The traditional village of Tepoztlan, Morelos

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Today, I want to tell you about one of my favorite cities in Morelos. Tepoztlan is an adorable little town, that was is located at the base of a mountain with an essential spiritual sight on top, the pyramid of Tepoztlan. The town itself is always bustling with life especially on Sundays when it is one of the most popular destinations for day trips from the region of Morelos, but also for people from Mexico City.

Make sure not to miss the food market on Sunday. This market was the first thing I visited the day after I landed and it threw me into the deep end of what to expect for the next three weeks. The market is full of stores and women making tacos, quesadillas, and soups. All the benches are full, and you almost have to fight to get a place. Whatever you order, it is sure to be delicious and homemade. Do not miss the fruit waters you can find on every corner here. My personal favorite is watermelon, but the most typical are hibiscus (Jamaica in Spanish) and oat. Regardless of the flavor, they are all fantastic and refreshing.

One of the most famous ice cream stores in the region also has its roots here in Tepoztlan. The main store of Tepoznieves here in Tepoztlan is worth a visit to see their display on Dia de Muertes (Day of the Dead). The colors and the figures depict different parts of this belief and how they all come together. For me, it was inspiring to see having visited Mexico for the first time, but having heard so much about this tradition. I hope to one day be able to witness it myself.

Also, this is probably one of the most innovative ice cream stores when it comes to flavors. They are continually coming up with new ones while keeping the most popular options around. Local favorites are mamey, tequila, and red wine. They also have tres leches, different fruits, and more familiar flavors.

If you are already here, make sure to climb the mountain to the temple. It takes about one hour and will give you a fantastic view over the city. The walk up is supposed to be meditative and make you think while you walk. It used to be traditional to walk the path barefoot since it is considered holy ground, and to this day there are people following this tradition. Once you reach the top, you can visit the pyramid. Unfortunately, I was there during the rainy season, and therefore the walk was closed both times we were there because it was too dangerous to go up. At the beginning of the path, you will find the statue of the Virgin Maria (La Virgin as she is known in this part of the world) to protect all the people climbing the mountain.

Tepoztlan stole my heart the moment I got there, and I’m almost sure it still holds a small piece of it. If you get the chance, I would advise you to visit. Are you looking for other things to do in the region? Check out my city guide on Cuernavaca here, and keep checking for more upcoming posts about Morelos and Mexico.

As always, I would love to hear from you if you have been to Tepoztlan or planning to go. Feel free to share all your experiences with me here in the comments or on Social Media.



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