Stories about how small the world is

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So today I want to tell you a little bit of a different story. I have spent much of my life moving around. I have lived in 6 different countries and attended one international high school, and one college. On top of that, I have attended many events that brought me in contact with international people. Because of these events, I have learned that the world is tiny. Here are a few funny stories to demonstrate that, which will hopefully make you laugh.

Friends of Friends

While I was living in the French part of Switzerland for uni. I took a trip to Lausanne and Geneva to see some of my friends I haven't seen in a while. So I started talking to one of my friends. She asked me how I was doing and how this small town was that my uni was in. I was surprised that she knew it existed, so I asked her about it. Turns out her boyfriend is also from that my school, so she has been here a couple of times. Not super spectacular, but still a funny coincidence.

International school environment

So while I was living in China, I decided to take a trip to Laos, which you can read all about in my other post. Since it was a Chinese national holiday, the whole flight was full of Chinese people and people working in China. On the way back, while I was waiting at the airport, these two middle aged women came up to me and said that I was already on their flight here from Shanghai. Turns out they were working at one of the International Schools in Shanghai. One of them was an art teacher, the other an English teacher. So we started talking and one of them mentioned that she has been in the area for a long time, and has spent thirteen years living in Kuala Lumpur. I remembered one of my teachers in high school has spent time living and teaching there. So I asked her, if she knew them. She wasn't sure but said she has worked with this principle, who coincidentally turned out to be the director of my school during my 8th grade year. The international school community is known to be small, but it is funny to be confronted with it on the other side of the world.


International connections

Another time I was traveling to Korea, also during my studies in China. The people at my hostel didn't want to do the traditional things you do your first day in Seoul, so I headed to the palaces by myself. The first one has a free tour, which I decided to join. There I saw one guy, who looked like he was under 30 and good company for the day. So I decided to highjack his conversation with the tour guide and made a new friend. So him (let's name him Thomas), me and this other girl started talking through the rest of the tour about what we were doing and why we were here. So turns out this guy was studying political science at a university in Beijing and was here only for the weekend. At this point, I remembered a conversation I had recently with a friend of mine (let's name him Kevin), whom I have previously lost touch with, whom I have met on my first trip to China. Kevin was telling me how he was also back in China for one year on an exchange program in Beijing studying political science. So I made a wild guess and asked Thomas if he knew Kevin. Turned out he does and they are actually in the same class and saw each other only a few days before in school. So of course, as today's world dictates, took a selfie and sent it to Kevin, as alike "look who I meet". So coincidences do happen. And they can lead to some fun conversations and situations.

The world is tiny

So now get ready for m all time favourite stories. So I meet my current boyfriend while working on board a cruise ship. He decided to work there because of his brother and his girlfriend, who kept telling him amazing stories. He kept telling me about the two of them. Coincidentally this girl has the same name as me, is also blond, and they also meet while working on board a cruise ship. This other Juliana has a youtube channel, so once I got home, I decided to look her up. When I was clicking though some of her videos, I found one that I remembered from before. Then I recognized her as the girl who's videos I watched before accepting my internship on board the MSC Spendida, and who convinced me that this life was really something I wanted to try and experience for myself. So technically speaking the same people were responsible for making us decide that we wanted to work on cruise ships, which lead to us meeting. I can't thank this Juli enough, even though she doesn't yet know me, but I'm looking forward to eventually meeting her.

Do you have any funny stories, about how small the world is? If you do, share them with me in the comments or on social media. I would love to hear them.



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