NYC Broadway Musicals – Worth it?

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We all know NYC Broadway Musicals are some of the most famous musicals. All of us who love theater, singing, and dance hope to one day see one. However, are they really worth the money? And is there ways to get them cheaper? In this post, I will give you my takes on some of the currently playing musicals.

This post is not sponsored and I bought my own ticket to all these shows. The opinions are my own and completely subjective.

holding phantom of the opera tickets in front of the stage

The Phantom of the Opera

This is one of the longest-running musicals. Having been performed since 1988, it has something that keeps attracting new and old viewers. I have been obsessed with this musical since I was ten and have seen the movie multiple times before I visited NYC with my family around two years later and had the chance to see the live version. The story has something timeless and always relevant. The music is more operalike than most musicals since it is set in an opera house. The set design is beautiful and elaborate and they have had many chances to perfect it over the last 30 years to make it the best it can be.

I have seen this show twice now and cannot suggest it enough. Regardless if you are coming with an SO, family, or friends, it is guaranteed to be an amazing experience. Tickets can be pricy, but keep reading till the end how you can get them cheaper and still have good seats.


This is another musical that has been adapted to the big screens and has, therefore, became a common household name. The production of Chicago is drastically different from the previous musical in almost every way. The set design is minimal and the songs jazzy. It was a huge surprise for me to see the band on stage in this production and integrated into the set and the play. You will have to do a lot more imagining with this production, but it is definitely fun and upbeat.

I went to see it with friends and we had a good time. It is not one I say you have to see no matter what, but it is a great production if you want to go see it. However, if you only have time for one NYC  broadway musical, this is not the one I would pick.

Chicago tickets

The Book of Mormon

There has been so much chatter floating around about this play in the theater community, and now that I have seen it, I completely understand why. This play is probably one of the most modern ones currently on Broadway and has already earned Tony awards. The story, while definitely not politically correct, is so funny you cannot stop laughing through the two hours. The songs are fun and upbeat and will for sure get stuck in your head for days afterward. The set design is great and the transitions flawless.

In my opinion, this is the new play to see, especially if you have seen most of the classics in the past. I loved seeing this show on one of my last days in NYC after trying to get tickets for weeks. Tickets for this show are actually quite affordable as well, so no need to break the bank. One point of advice though: the show includes strong language and some sexually explicit content so it may not be a great show to see with very young children.


It has been a trend lately to adapt Disney Movies to the stage and Aladdin is no different. They have done a good job and the stage production is almost identical to the film. Even the flying carpet makes an appearance and they have found a great way to adapt Iago. If you are coming to see something that is the same as you know it is really good. You will be able to sing along to all the songs and know the whole story. The stage design and the costumes are amazing and the cast does an amazing job.

In my opinion, this is definitely a great show and one the whole family will enjoy. It is not my personal favorite, but definitely worth a visit especially if you have friends or family obsessed with the original Disney movie.

book of mormon tickets


I must admit, I have not seen this one on Broadway but rather on West End a few years ago. However, since it is such an iconic musical and from what I have seen the two productions and very much alike, I decided to include it anyway. Wicked has been one of my all-time favorite musicals since I discovered it about five years ago and have since seen it twice. The story is so creative but relatable, and the songs and extremely catchy. The set design is one of the most elaborate I have seen and the costumes are to die for.

This is one I would definitely suggest if you have only one night. It is fun for friends and family and the children will love it. There are small hints at the Wizard of Oz you can definitely pick up, but you don't need to do so if you want to enjoy the musical. The show can be pretty pricy, but again I have some tips on how to get cheaper tickets.

Tips for cheaper NYC Broadway Musical tickets


Check if you qualify for any of the discounts the theater is already offering. I know Wicked does student and military tickers sometimes, so you can keep an eye out for those. Also, some shows have senior discounts you might be able to take advantage of.

TKTS booth

This is one of the most well-known ways to get discounted tickets for shows the day of the performance. Tickets can be anything from 30% to 80% cheaper than originally. Download the app to see which of the three locations sells the tickets you want. You cannot purchase tickets through the app but you can check availability. Be aware that during peak season such as May through August, the line can be quite long.

Today Tix

This is another app that lets you buy tickets at a discounted rate. You cannot choose the seat, but tickets may be more than 50% cheaper than at the box office. Download the app and keep checking when new offers pop up. It is worth saving your favorite shows since otherwise, you will have to sort through a lot of shows every time to see the ones you are interested in. I believe you can buy tickets up to a month in advance so a great deal.


Many NYC broadway musicals have lotteries today. That means you can enter to win cheap tickets for that day or the next. Most of these are online these days and allow you to enter for the next day. The rules for each lottery are a bit different so make sure you carefully. Some you can enter for the whole week others only the day before. Some you have until 4 pm to buy your ticket, others you only have one hour. This is very important info to know otherwise you might lose your tickets.

The Boxoffice

This one might surprise you, but I have found that going the same night to the box office is one of the best ways to get the best prices. Just go there maybe one or two hours before the show and ask what they still have. They might even discount some tickets for you since it is better for them to sell them for cheaper than to not sell them at all. Also, some shows offer standing tickets that are very cheap but can only be purchased at day off at the box office if the show is sold out.

That is my take on NYC Broadway musicals. I love them and will always grab any chance to see another one, but there are definitely some that are more worth spending the money than the ones. I would love to hear which ones you have seen and what you think of them. Please share your experience in the comments below or on social media.



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