Hello and Welcome

Dear Reader,
Let me introduce myself to you.
My name is Juli, and I have a very complicated life. So my parents are from two different European countries and, while I spent most of my childhood in one of those two, I did go to high school in a third one. Because of these experiences I am something called a TCK (third culture kid), someone who spent some of their developing years outside their parents home county.
I am how in College, and because of my lifestyle before, I have decided that just living in one place for the rest of my life is too boring for me. So I have been moving every 6 months for the last 2 years Now you’re going to be wondering how that is possible. Well I have been fortunate enough to enrol in a university which provides a program that makes you switch campuses each semester.
I have created this blog to be able to share my adventures and stories throughout my travel. This may be related to my internships or college experiences or vacation travels. Some of the stories might be funny, others sad, again others just information or advice.
Anyway, i hope you enjoy the read and take something away from this.

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