Who am I?

Mirador in San Miguel de Allende

I like to say my story is an interesting one although somewhat long and complicated.

Well, I am a TCK (Third Culture Kid), who has parents from two different countries and has lived in 8 countries during my lifetime. I don’t have a real home, and more wanderlust than is probably good for me, therefore you will find me all around the world. Having lived away from my extended family for all my life, I have traveled from a very young age to visit them, and to see other countries on the way. I started uni in January 2016 for hospitality and have enjoyed this industry so much. I moved to three different countries because of my university, got to work on board a cruise ship, spent six months in the UAE, worked for an events company in NYC and now back at uni in Switzerland.

Over the last couple of years, I have moved so often that every time I moved to a new place, I would have to re-explain my story, and they would ask millions of questions about my adventures and stories. So I started writing this blog to share them with anyone who would be interested in my tales of travel and tips and tricks I picked up along the way. I love to talk about them just as much as people want to ask about them, so this seemed like a great compromise

Recently I have been traveling more and started writing City Guides about the places I visited. Also since I have been staying in hostels, taking tours and much more, I like to share my advice with you.

I currently live in Budapest but try and travel as much as possible. I’m always up for new adventures and want to see as much as I can after being stuck at home for so long.

I tend to write about recent trips or anything that comes to my mind. If there is anything more specific you would like me to write about or something you have questions about, please let me know, Feel free to reach out to me on my email, or over social media.

Contact Information

Email: lettersfromatravelinggirl@gmail.com

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Instagram: @lettersfromatravelinggirl

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