5 things people say when you say travel alone

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By now you are probably fascinated by traveling alone and want to embark on your next adventure as soon as possible. Here are a few things you will hear people say when you tell them you’re taking a solo trip.

1, Aren’t you scared?

Many people cannot even imagine that someone would want to travel alone for fun. The simple idea of going somewhere alone is scary for them. They will be the ones to question every decision you make or plans you have. Do not listen to them! Even if you are scared it will go away the moment you arrive in your first hostel. You will be fine and have a great time.
Girl standing next to wall overlooking landscape
On top of a beautiful fort in the UAE

2, You are so brave!

This is the complete opposite side of the spectrum, but coming from the same people. The ones that could never imagine going to a restaurant on their own, or sitting on a long distance bus next to a complete stranger. You might look brave and will feel like you are doing something extraordinary at the beginning, but after a while it just becomes normal. Nobody wanting to go with you on that Italy trip you have been dreaming about? No worries, you’ll just go anyway. Your friends don’t have time for a beach getaway to Spain now? It’s fine, you’ll just go by yourself. You cannot find someone to run away to London with you to see a few musicals? Whatever, you can do it without them. It will become so normal to do things on your own, that you will feel proud and empowered and so free to do whatever you want.

3, Your parents let you do this?

Now this one will not apply to everyone. However, if you are a college student like me, traveling the world the way I see it fit, people will not only question your sanity. but also that of your parents. What do you mean your parents are okay with you traveling through Laos on your own for a week? Aren’t they afraid something will happen? My usual answer used to be: what are they going to do to stop me? I buy my own flights, pay for my own food and accommodation, and organize everything myself. Even if they said no, I would probably still do it, just not tell them about it, and that is way worse. Plus my mom did some equally crazy things when she was young and that was without technology, so she has no right to say anything. On that note, if you are interested in that travel story, you can read it here,
Girl sitting in the desert
Me going on desert safari

4, Do you not get lonely?

Here is a big misconception: If you travel alone, you will always be alone on the road. Actually, during my three years taking solo trips, I think I can count on one hand the days I have spent alone. The easiest way to do this is to find a place where there are other travelers. Stay in a hostel, join a walking tour or a pub crawl, go to the famous tourist sights and talk to strangers. You will find someone to hang out with in on time even if it is just for that one day. When you are traveling it is a lot easier to make friends then in normal life. Everybody is open for new experiences and up to do something crazy that day. Of course, you can be alone if you want to, but you absolutely do not have to. If you are not sure how to make friends in hostels, you can read about some of my favorite tips in this post.

5, Isn’t that dangerous?

Now this is one of the most popular questions I get asked, especially because I am a woman. Too many destinations in the world today have the reputation of being dangerous. However, each place is manageable if you have some common sense and follow what the locals say. I traveled to Morocco by myself and although it was scary for the first evening arriving in the ferry terminal (that’s a story I will eventually share with you guys) the rest of the trip was completely fine. If you know the general rules of not wearing too revealing clothing in countries where it is not appropriate, not go out at night alone if locals say so, and if a situation doesn’t make you feel comfortable you can leave. If you just follow simple rules and common sense you will be fine, even if the place may not be the safest in the world.
Girl sitting in front of the colosseum
Me spending six hours alone in Rome

Well, there they are. Some of the most frequently asked questions I get when I talk about solo traveling. I hope this gave you some insight and may have answered a few of your own questions.

If you need any more advice about solo traveling, check out my blog post about traveling solo for the first time. Also if you just need inspiration for destinations, check out my ideas for your first solo trip.

As always I would love to hear your solo traveling stories or questions you get asked frequently. Share them with me in the comments below or on Instagram @lettersfromatravelinggirl


8 thoughts on “5 things people say when you say travel alone”

    1. You should definitely go for it. Once you’ve done it, it becomes easier. I’m happy you found my post helpful.

  1. I came to a foreign country and pursue my studies and it blew the minds of some people in my life! I’ve also since travelled to many places alone after and it was the most amazing thing ever, being on your own schedule and doing whatever you want whenever you want without having to be accountable to anyone has got to be one of the best perks! I would definitely recommend just doing tons of research of the places you’d like to travel and ask around for the best tips so you don’t find yourself getting to places you don’t want to be at! X

    1. Yeah I can totally relate to your experience! Being the boss of your time is also one of the reasons I love solo traveling. There is so much to see and you cannot always wait around for people. I tend to talk a lot with the reception people at the places I’m staying to get the best tips and places to go and see.

  2. As a solo traveller myself I can verify and say every single one of your statements is true. For us it’s second nature to plan a trip and do things ourselves. I feel like most people that have such close-knit friendship groups and cliques never feel the need to solo travel because they can travel with the comforts of a friend or two whilst sometimes that luxury or privilege is not available to us.

    Johnny | Johnny’s Traventures

    1. I totally agree with why you said about friendship groups. I feel like sometimes that way you become too dependent on them and stop doing things yourself which helps you grow so much.

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